When asked what would fix science, many will respond "science needs more money." 


We think that science needs much more than this.  And we think we need to talk about it - in our communities, on Capital Hill, in colleges and schools - as scientists and citizens alike.  Science is calling to be more integrated with the needs of society.  Science also is looking at how we nurture our 'young' (graduate students and post-doctoral scholars in particular), how we work together, how we interact with society.


It is a critical time of change in all of these areas.  It affects what we produce. 


What is needed is a paradigm shift. The conversation is much more than just money. 


What lies in the future of science?  

How important is science to modern society?  

What's possible, if we dream big?


We say the answer is not more money - it is more time, more heart, more vision. 




R&D as a basis of America's economy



Policy Makers

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