We want to connect with you.  Our approach to change incorporates connections between the old and the new.  Ronald Hiefitz, in his Dialog on Leadership from the Kennedy School of Government, discusses the importance in discerning what there is to keep and what there is to change.  We agree.


We are eager for participation by those who have loved and thrived in long, rewarding careers in science.  Those who know their contributions have made a difference, and harbor a passionate desire to contribute for the next generations...to leave science in excellent shape, as a labor of love.


Please contact us at admin@yamanascience.org if you want to discuss partnering with us through a legacy gift or through a giving program.


We'd love to share with you about where we think the sweet spots for change are, and how you might impact the future - powerfully, for our shared planet, and for the young scientists of today.

Planned GivingWe invite you to build the future with us.

Bruce Alberts and Shirley Tilghman are examples of legacy builders - scientists who have contributed enormously of their talent, energy and commitment to science....who are looking to the future of science, thinking of the next generation of scientists, and the next and the one after that too. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

Do you care deeply about the future of science? 

Do you want to make sure future generations of scientists can enjoy their work and    contributions as much as you've enjoyed yours? 

Do you want to see the public benefits from science be more widely broadcast?

Do you want to support the labors of the scientific world?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, please consider becoming a legacy builder with Yámana.

Are YOU a legacy builder?

Legacy Builders

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