Conversations with people on the street over the years have indicated to me that people almost always have some sort of relationship to science.  We live in a technological age, where our day-to-day habits are usually heavily dependent on tools that come from the tech sector.  Our world is informed by scientific discovery and innovation, be it health, transportation, energy, food, history, secrets of the Universe, the tools for information sharing and communication...the list seems endless. What is the interplay of science and the society it serves?  What is your relationship with science?  And how important is it for us all to be at the table when talking about (and deciding) the present and future of science? 

What is your relationship to science?

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The opportunity to create a new relationship with science, or expand your current one, seems limitless. 


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Science & You | Kennan Salinero

- by Kennan Salinero

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Were science and math those courses you had to either survive, or if given the opportunity, avoid?  


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There is so much going on in science right now.  


Are you one of the millions that love the discovery and exploration that science represents?


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