FoT 2015

Dec 9th and 10th we collaborated in two days of talks, co- facilitating a Rapid Future Forecasting at the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation.  The Moore Foundation provided a beautiful setting for intense information sharing and interactive peering into the future of text and technology.  A more in-depth write-up can be found here.


Global CoLab Network

We are proud to be part of the Global CoLab Network.  With Linda Stehali and Florence Chernoff, we have hosted two living room salons in the Washington DC area in 2015 to discuss global grand challenges and next generation scientists. 


Mapping the Systems of Science and Technology

'Mapping the Systems of Science and Technology:  Assessing Tools for Teamwork' was our hands-on working conference that included 'Tools Tueday' with an intro to mindfulness training (used since 2006 at Genentech-Roche) and 'Dynamic Interactions' lead by top facilitators in the industry.  We explored a) the importance of impacts of workplace culture on individual and team performance b) key challenges in our systems of science and technology and c) some attributes of effective collaboration. 


We looked at how and where needs, challenges and opportunities interlock in the systems of science and technology, utilizing visual processes for 'Mapping the Systems of Science and Technology.'  The online version of the map is here.


This working conference included scientists, IT specialists, educators, policy strategists, students, and post-doctoral scholars - people interested in making an impact through their work in science and/or technology.  We are committed to creating new relationships and connections to help advocate the important role of science in society and the world we live in, and our place in working together to do this more effectively.

Our Approach


Yámana Science and Technology has hosted three national Science 'UnSummit' working conference, where our primary focus is critical and urgent conversations with people who care deeply about the future of science.


The 2010 'UnSummit' focused on Shifting the Effort/Reward Ratio in Science. In 2012 the theme was "Innovation - a Global Conversation."  Part of the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, DC, we host speakers that present new methodologies for change, as well as Open Space Technology - a meeting format created over 25 yrs ago by Harrison Owen.


We also work as a Network of Networks (a phrase coined by Mei Lin Fung based on her work with Doug Engelbart). Many of the conferences we convene are done with other organizations.


Anne Whatley gives a beautiful presentation at our Franchise for Humanity event, explaining the networked approach, the basis of the highly recommended book "Connecting to Change the World:  Harnessing the Power of Networks for Social Impact"

Program For the Future & The Future of Text

at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Dec 9th & 10th, 2015

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