The late Dr James Martin, British Entrepreneur, felt society will hit a wall this century - from large declines in fresh water and arable land to the current dramatic losses in oceanic fish populations and the great garbage patch.  Scientists need to step up their game.  However, we find ourselves working from outdated systems that weigh heavily on scientists-in-training (particularly graduate student & post-doctoral scholars), resulting in skewed career progressions, difficulties in collaboration, and too little time.   We assert these stresses from within impact the effectiveness of scientists and the progression of science, and negatively impact the future of science and society.

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Who are we?  Why are we different?  Why is this work important?


ReImagine Science (formerly Yámana Science & Technology) was founded by scientists and those passionate about science to nurture positive change from within our own community. We envision a science culture where people and ideas flourish in workplaces that are thriving, in a culture of contribution and collaboration.  We believe this will further open the doors for fruitful communication and interactions with the larger society to which we belong.

Our mission is to be the touchstone for a fundamental change in the way we work together to ‘do’ science. In support of our mission, we organize events that bring stakeholders together in a creative and open environment, where information can be shared, connections made, and opportunities born.
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